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Acupuncture For Heel Pain

Acupuncture can treat heel and foot pain.  When you have heel pain, you do not get acupuncture on your heel.  I tried that in acupuncture school on my plantar fasciitis and it did not work.

Acupuncture is based on meridian systems.  It treats pain according to which meridian the pain is located along.  When you treat a point on that meridian, you open up the circulation in that meridian and that relieves pain.  Pain is caused by a blockage in Chinese medicine theory.  When you have a blockage of blood flow or nerve flow, you will have pain.

A commonly used point for heel pain is Kidney 3.  It is located by the heel bone on the inside of your ankle.  This meridian goes down your ankle and through the ball of your foot.  It can even be used for pain on the ball of your foot.  It opens the whole meridian, so pain anywhere along that meridian can be relieved.

Here is the kidney meridian:

                  This is the Kidney 3 Point:  It is located between the tendon and the “medial malleolus”.  That is the bump on the inside of your ankle.

This point not only relieves pain on the heel, but it also strengthens your kidney energy.  That will improve urinary symptoms as well as improve energy levels.